CView has combined Artificial Intelligence with Human Expertise to build an in-house Applicant Tracking System to help students get their dream jobs as well as ease the job application process for recruits. Our Applicant Tracking System ensures 100% accuracy and is as robust as an MNC’s ATS software.


Note from the founder

With my personal experience in both the fronts, one of submitting CV's for universities and Jobs & second, of reviewing them for my family business, I realised the gaps in the professional development Industry. I observed that maximum applications globally are rejected because of a poor CV. Upon researching the market I also realised that existing services are generic and create CVs out of prototype templates. This is when I started an Initiative called CView to combine my AI Knowledge and personal experience

Ms. Chavi Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Cview is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated experience in profile building and CV curation. She did her Bachelor’s in Finance from Warwick Business School, UK, and has a Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Technology from Imperial College London. She has been a part of various Student Unions and Campus Ambassador programs along with completing over 500 hours of active volunteering. Alongside this, she took leadership roles, certifications, part-time jobs, and internships to build a holistic and comprehensive profile. This helped her gain offers from Deloitte, Accenture, Lloyds Bank, RBS, and Grant Thornton in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions. Since 2015, she has also been effectively contributing to her Family Business of GSM-R and Signalling in Railway as a Business Development executive and an International Relations manager and continues to do this along with her start-up. She has put in a lot of time into building her profile and assisting those around her and continues to do so through Cview. Over the years she has created multiple profile Building hacks and strategies and would now like to climb the ladder in this field.

"As a budding female entrepreneur, I cannot stress enough on the fact that you really do not need high investments or a million-dollar plan. You can leverage your skills, existing platforms and tools available to create value and establish something you enjoy doing. We had a 0 INR investment and have a 92% profit ratio at the moment through our bootstrapping efforts. You just need the will and the urge to create value for people and address existing problems in the market. We are constantly told to innovate something unique, be disruptors and create new markets to be called an entrepreneur. That is not true, you can be innovative in the way you tackle a problem by creating a new value proposition for the market."

Chavi Aggarwal




Harvard Business School 

Build your CV and create an impactful profile! We know how to curate your Extra curricular activities and your academics to create maximum impact!


Imperial College London

Warwick Business School

We know what the Universities want and can help you stand out.

Whether it is for your undergraduate or postgraduate admissions, we know what the universities want and can help your application stand out


Banks & Consultancy Firms

We know what recruiters look for! Let us help your application stand out from the haystack of CV’s recruiters receive





To build CV’s from scratch, we provide our customers with a profile assessment sheet which becomes a bible for our client’s profile building as they move forward in their career.

Our in-house Application Tracking System has been developed by us using a database of more than 10,000 CVs.



We provide personalised discussion & improvement calls to all our customers in order to understand their experiences and journey in depth.