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How many days does the CView process take?

Our plans take 7-9 working days to complete whereas, our Build plan takes 7 working days to complete.

Would I be getting an editable version of the CV?

Yes, a word document would also be given to you along with the pdf version of the file.

How many changes can I make after my CV is delivered?

You can get minor changes done within 30 days of delivery of CV. Any new experiences that are to be added would be chargeable.

How can we reach out to you in case of any queries?

You can contact us through our website or email us on on contact@cview.info

Will you make the CV in one page or more than one?

We create a one page CV document as it is more likely to get accepted by recruiters and is 100% ATS tested

Do you work on weekends?

No, we do not work on weekends, we are available Monday to Friday.

Will you be inserting our photo in the CV?

No, we do not insert any graphics or photos in the CV as it gives you a bad ATS score, looks unprofessional and creates biases.

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