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All about ATS!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Imagine receiving dozens of curriculum vitae from job seekers. In such a scenario, shortlisting candidates for the next stage (an interview) becomes challenging.

Earlier, human resource executives would spend a lot of time going through the curriculum vitae. A lot of time and effort was required by the HR executives in such a scenario. An applicant tracking system came into the picture and made the process of recruitment and selection easier.

What is ATS?

Nowadays, Your CV does not go to a human directly. Instead, it goes through a software called the Application Tracking System first. This software automatically screens CV’s and filters applications without the requirement of any human contact. Thereby facilitating the application shortlisting process of companies through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Why ATS?

Microsoft gets over 50,000 resumes per week while Google gets 75,000+. Can a human recruiter go through all of them in a short span of time? This is where the Application Tracking System comes on board. Even Medium and Small firms are investing in this software now. The Application Tracking System rejects 70% CV’s that are not ATS compliant and do not match the job description.

What is the required ATS SCORE?

To pass the ATS Testing at any company, your CV needs to score more than 85%.

How does CView help with ATS ?

  • Our in-house Application Tracking System has similar capabilities to any MNC based ATS software.