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Answers to these awkward interview questions

Q. What salary are you looking for?

Answer- Well I'm flexible on salary. The position and its growth potential are much more important to me than compensation. Would you be willing to share the rough salary range you have in mind for this position?

Q. What would make you quit this job?

Answer- If I felt I wasn't contributing enough to the vision of the company.

Q. Where else are you interviewing?

Answer- I'm interviewing at various companies at various stages, but this opportunity is particularly exciting for me because of XYZ.

Q. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Answer- I would like to work for a company which has values that align with my own and demonstrates a positive culture of inclusion and wellbeing

Q. Did you lie about anything on your résumé?

Answer- I don't believe there are any lies on my résumé. I believe integrity on the job is very important and that starts with your résumé.