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Can The ‘’Applicant Tracking System’’ read .pdf files?

The applicant tracking system helps recruiters shortlist the most eligible candidates for an interview. It may also include a set criteria against which applicants’ years of experience may be mentioned. While ATS is an efficient way of shortlisting candidates, not all ATS systems are able to read .pdf files. On the contrary, the ATS can read word files easily. After all, a word file is a popular file format.

Applicants may use different formats of word files than the file recipient. If a person owns a different version of Microsoft Word, compatibility issues can occur. Hence, it is best to save your Word File in a format compatible with older versions. Moreover, try to submit a document in the .doc format rather than the .docx format.

Some individuals prefer saving files in the .pdf format. The .pdf format makes sure that the formatting of the CV/resume/any other document is not disturbed. Nevertheless, one can ask the recruiter whether they prefer files to be submitted in the Word or the pdf format.

It is advisable to keep both the .pdf and Word format of your CV/resume/any other document at hand. This will help you to prepare for the job-hunting process beforehand.