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How does an Applicant Tracking System work?

Hiring candidates is not a piece of cake. Many companies are now realizing this and using ATS to make the process smooth for them.

There are two main ways through which ATS works:

  1. by importing candidates’ CV’s/resumes into the system

  2. by analyzing the candidates’ CV’s/resumes and determining whether they are a good fit for the job opportunity

The ATS works by analyzing how closely a candidate’s resume matches the job description. Moreover, it identifies whether a candidate has listed the same skills that the recruiter considers important for the job.

Some ATS help recruiters track the status of candidates. For instance, they can categorize applicants according to categories like ‘’offer made’’, and ‘’shortlisted for an interview.’’ Hence, recruiters can store candidates’ data in a central location. Some recruiters may realize that more qualified candidates have applied for a position than the number of open positions at a company.

The data of qualified candidates can be stored, and they can be contacted for future vacancies. Storing data saves the time and effort of recruiters who will not have to initiate the complete recruitment and selection process again.

A recruiter can view a candidate’s application through ATS if the ATS determines that a candidate is a good fit. Remember that a recruiter generally only views an application for a few seconds before moving on to another candidate.

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