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How long should a resume or a curriculum vitae be?

Both a resume and a curriculum vitae should be 1-2 pages long. The CV can be longer than the resume as it is meant to be a more detailed document describing one’s experience, skills, and education.

The CV of a fresh graduate must be shorter than a CV of an individual with a lot of experience.

Many people struggle with understanding how they can format their CV or resume. It may seem like there are many details that one should mention. However, there are unnecessary details that can be easily removed. This can make the CV/resume shorter.

The following details may not be required:

  • A photograph: Apart from professionals like models, you should not include photographs in a curriculum vitae/resume.

  • Irrelevant extra-curricular activities: Extra-curricular activities show the recruiter who you are as a person. However, some extra-curricular activities may not be relevant to the job post you wish to apply for and must be removed. For example, you should not mention reading as a hobby if you are applying for a business development executive role.

  • Any jargons or abbreviations related to a particular industry: People may not be aware of jargons like ROI. Remove these jargons and make your CV understandable to the recruiter. Remove any abbreviations as well.