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LinkedIn message templates for connection requests

Connection request when you've a mutual

Hi, I see that we're both connected with XYZ. Both of us work for XYZ company as ABC title. He told me it was okay if I mentioned him in my invitation to connect with you. I believe we can help each other. Would you be open to schedule a quick call this weekend?

Connection requests to the recruiter

Hi, I'm interested in XYZ company and your company culture. I'm also interested in learning more about your recruiting process. Would you be willing to chat with me briefly over the phone?


Message request for staying connected

Dear ABC, It was great speaking to you at the XYZ Conference in XYZ place last week. Really enjoyed our conversation on your interests in PQR and how you got into the said field. I'd definitely like to stay up-to-date on your career.

Thank you,

(Your name)

Connection request to share ideas

Hi, I came across your profile in the XYZ group on Linkedln. Your post recently about XYZ really resonated with me, so I thought I'd connect with you to keep in touch and maybe bounce ideas off each other at some point in the future!

All the best!

Message request for seeking a job

Hi, I read from your profile that you recruit for marketing roles in XYZ company. I recently finished my masters in XYZ from ABC university and wanted to connect with you in case you think my profile might be a good fit for current or future roles you seek to fill.


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