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What are the best career objectives to write down in the cv of a fresher?

A career objective’s purpose is to show your recruiter that you have a career planned out in your mind.

While preparing a CV, you need to ensure that your CV is ATS compliant. In simple terms, it means that the ATS software must approve the application before being read by a recruiter. The ATS ranks CVs based on specific factors. For instance, recruiters may select certain keywords and only read CVs that include the keywords. However, the career objective section of a CV is not always ATS-compliant. Most of the time, it is advisable that candidates skip this section while preparing their CV.

If candidates choose to include a career objective, they must ensure that their objective matches the job description. For example, a recruiter may be hiring for a creative role and want to hire someone who can think out of the box. In such a scenario, a candidate can mention that he/she wishes to expand their creative horizons.