Fast Track 

  • Proofread CV

  • Application Tracking System Proofing

  • Choose this plan when your current ATS score is above 70

  • Same Day Delivery

  • Feedback Report based on Attractiveness to Universities, Recruiters and Application Tracking System




  • Application Tracking System Proofing

  • Result orientation for each experience

  • Editing and curating content using power words for impact

  • Detailed feedback report and tips

  • Get a final enhanced CV in editable as well as pdf form

  • 45-min Improvement Session

  • Up to 2 revisions




  • Profile Assessment Sheet to create content from scratch

  • Application Tracking System Proofing

  • Choosing and curating experiences

  • Use of power words, qualitative and quantitative data

  • Creation of X-Factor in the CV

  • 60 Minute Improvement session

  • Up to 3 Revisions

  • End to end hassle free process



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