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Terms and Conditions | Updated on June 23, 2022

By placing an order with CView, you agree to our Terms and Conditions (T&C’s), which are set
out on this page. From time to time, we may decide to change our T&C’s. Should these changes
occur after placing an order with CView, the original T&C’s at the time of placing your order will

A contract with our service will only exist when CView has accepted your order.
The plan is valid only for one month from buying, which means we will follow up with you for your
comments or approval until one month of their purchased plan. We will send 2-3 reminders and
emails and then a final email to communicate that the plan has lapsed. An additional charge will
be required to revive the plan.

We take an average of 7 days to complete the process from the time we acquire information from
you in the form of our unique Profile assessment sheet (PAS).

All prices listed on CView’s website are subject to change without prior notice, and CView does
not accept any liability for this. Should our prices change after you have placed an order, the
price at the time of purchase will apply.

All content on this site is the property of CView. Unauthorized copying is not permitted.
CView makes a great effort to ensure the information on our website is accurate. We only provide
advice and accept no liability due to inaccuracy in any of the information on CView’s website.

Ordering with CView:
To complete your order, we collect personal information such as contact details, education and
employment history.

CView takes payment in advance of the order being placed. The amount is processed through
our online merchant service Razorpay. However, please let us know if you would like to use
alternative payment methods.

If you place an incorrect order, e.g., by selecting the wrong type of plan or service, we will
contact you to advise regarding the same and we will arrange for any difference in costs to be

If there are any delays, we will contact you to discuss the turnaround time.

Once your order has been placed with CView, we will send our unique profile assessment sheet
(PAS) to gather all necessary information. The turnaround time of your order will apply when all
required information has been received. We will send your final CV back in Microsoft Word and
PDF format to the email address provided when placing the order. Should there be any
information missing, we will be unable to fulfill your order.

We cannot accept any liability for an order being sent but perceived as not received. 
We provide our services in good faith and orders are completed to the best of our knowledge by
experienced CV writers. We cannot accept any liability should you suffer any loss or damage due
to taking our advice.

Cancellation and Returns Policy:
As part of our ongoing commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we do not cater to
cancellations or offer any refunds.

In the unlikely event you have a complaint or grievance concerning your order with CView,
please email us at . We aim to respond to your complaints within three
working days.

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